Statistically Make More Money If You Have Website Design for Small Businesses

We’re dwelling in 2010, the world wide web is being used by almost everybody, can we agree on this? Excellent! Since we’ve covered that lets look into Small Businesses and Internet and Website Design for small-scale Businesses shall we?

A recent study reveals fascinating data on small businesses to be exact small businesses as well as the net, with or without sites.

The study shows that 49% of small businesses now have a web site. We can see quite fascinating data now that’s all fine and dandy but if we look more:

The percentage of companies which have a web site by their yearly sales size:
45% of businesses that make $100k-$499k a year have a web site.
49% of businesses that make $500k-$999k a year have a web site.
69% of businesses that make $1.0 Million-$2.49 Million a year have a web site.
67% of businesses that make $2.5 Million-$4.49 Million a year have a web site.
73% of businesses that make $5.0 Million-$10.0 Million a year have a web site.

What can we learn from this? The more money a business makes, the more inclined they’re to have a web site? Or looking at it from another perspective we can see that in the event you would like to create big money with your company you’re likely in need of website design for your small company.
Having a web site for your small business will help get you new company on the world wide web, and lets be fair, most individuals will probably search for your kind of service or merchandise online. Why? As it’s only way simpler then flipping through another kind of locating services and products or the yellowpages.

Locating successful website design for small-scale businesses is not pricey at all these days and is not quite hard. You do not actually need to understand anything about the web or constructing a web site to get this occur, you just have to get the appropriate business or resource that can construct you a quality web site for a reasonable cost and let them do all the technical stuff.

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