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Be Bennett is my name and I am here because my passion has driven me into making a blog like this. My main area of expertise is creating a distinguished career that focuses on innovation of new strategic directions while creating revenue opportunities, heading astounding policy development which in turn can drive organisational growth and success across multiple disciplines.

My main focus areas in serverya.com are business and strategy planning, financial planning which includes capital raising, management and transitions in the case of complex mergers and acquisitions, management buy-ins and B to C transactions. My idea to create this blog was mainly because I wanted to share my knowledge with you. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

You and also I have something in common. We are unwell and also tired of following blog writing as well as service methods that stem from ideas, not results.

You’ve hit the jackpot by locating this website due to the fact that I share my real-life experiences as well as techniques regarding running an effective online service. My titles have actually included virtual aide, ghost author, freelance author, social media supervisor, blogger, educator and also many more. If I believe a business venture or strategy was a waste of my time, I’m mosting likely to inform you about it so you do not make the very same errors I did.

I have a (significant) fixation with testing, screening, testing. I truly uncommitted what every person else says I must do. I analyze my very own difficult proof of what works and what does not.

My entire company trip has actually been based around well-thought-out, critical moves to ensure I’m obtaining the most significant bang for my dollar as well as time. Consider my common experiences as the map of your fresh entrepreneurial trip.

But let’s get real here. It wasn’t constantly in this manner.
Once upon a time, I had no clear idea on how to construct an e-mail listing or what to do with a blog once I had it. As a result of this, I utilized to invest hrs on internet search engine trying to find out which blogging advice I need to follow … and afterwards squandering a great deal of time on concepts that weren’t based upon real-life outcomes however on a person’s creative imagination.

I was shamed to tell my blog writer pals how couple of clients I had. I felt silly for complying with the wrong guidance. And I was annoyed that I wasn’t making even more money.

We are kindred spirits if this sounds like you because I. Get. It. #AnneofGreenGables
My pal, we’ve all been there. I made use of to lack a lot self-confidence in my capacity to deal with an on the internet service because, truthfully, I just really did not recognize what the heck I was doing!

Thankfully for you, I have an endless amount of power when it involves attempting and also evaluating a countless supply of blogging techniques.
We have actually squandered adequate time. Let’s obtain hustling on your blog or online organisation so you can be the savvy businesswoman I recognize you are!

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